Upright Ministries
Saturday, July 11, 2020

Streamlining Processes

Churches are known for carrying out procedures that were often created years ago and passed down from employee to employee—thus getting stuck in the motions of the “that is the way we have always done it” mentality. This can ripple through your ministry and create substantial problems in the personnel and financial management of your ministry.
Upright Ministries works with you to streamline the processes you have in place. We will address the relevancy, the effectiveness, and the education of staff reguarding the processes you currently have or perhaps need. These might include:
Setting Employee/Employer Expectations:
Effective hiring practices will lower the risk of disgruntled employees who can bring a lawsuit against the church. We help streamline the process of hiring and retaining employees to prevent costly terminations. By assisting you in developing or updating your personnel policies and employee handbooks, you and your employees will be able to work in an environment with clear expectations.
Becoming a More Efficiently Run Organization:
It is not uncommon to find redundancy in tasks. The lack of job descriptions, or the lack of current job descriptions, can cause this to happen. We will work to review whether more than one person handles any given task or if the responsibilities of the positions you have should be adjusted to become more efficient.
Establishing Understandable Reporting:
Employee turnover happens. Each new employee has a different idea of how a task should be done. Our desire is to assist churches and non-profits in setting up financial systems that result in clear and sensible reporting. Once an effective system is agreed upon and set-up, it should never change. The employees will come and go but the system continues on, insuring continuity and low risk to the organization.
Organization of Accounts:
We work with church leadership and accounting personnel in reviewing their accounting practices and provide recommendations to insure continuity and low risk. One of the tasks we do is restructure the chart of accounts. All aspects of accounting are driven by the chart of accounts. A poorly constructed chart can result in inaccurate reporting and hours spent on finding errors. A solid constructed system can end up saving the organization thousands of dollars in personnel costs. It also provides the tools needed to make sound business decisions.
Protecting Your Money: 
The handling of money from the time it is dropped into the offering plate all the way through to the bank deposit often carries with it many risks. Most embezzlement takes place before the money is ever deposited. We help you define your process of handling money in order to protect your church or organization.
Our ultimate goal is to lower your Financial and Personnel risks and to insure that all donor contributions go to ministry and not costly litigation or lawsuits. Let us help protect you.