Upright Ministries
Saturday, July 11, 2020

Letters of Recommendation

The following letters of recommendation come from those who have worked directly with Upright Ministries and can express their honest opinion regarding the results provided by this company.
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Upright Ministries to churches and the religious organization community. As an auditor of over seventy-five churches, we have found that a general ledger designed by Upright results in less audit time (and fees) due to the classification of revenues and expenses for designated accounts and other design features that makes an easy conversion from internal reports to financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Internal financial reports are meaningful and useful for the day to day management of cash flow and budget compliance.We have also found the human resource policies designed by Upright to be comprehensive, up to date and in compliance with current regulations. Payroll files meet all audit requirements and are organized in a manner that also saves audit time.

I am sure the other services provided by Upright are of the highest quality and standards which reflects Patti's enthusiasm for excellence. It is indeed a pleasure to work with someone that approaches their work with a kingdom-minded motivation.
Very truly yours,
John Ratliff, CPA

This note is to recognize the terrific help you have provided our CO+OP and the ministries we serve. Wherever I travel in NACBA circles, I hear people speak about how your work has helped protect children and those who are serving in ministry. In addition, at the CO+OP, we know first-hand the benefits of your focus on fiscal accountability.
Your attention to detail is helping us be a good citizen in the business community. In particular, thank you for all you have done with our finances to help them exceed the GAAP standards and provide a more useful presentation of our financial condition. Clarity is key. Your approach makes the security process understandable and achievable.
Upright Ministries has several unique roles, helping ministries and non-profits get more from the investment they have in their accounting systems and at the same time protecting the people who do the fiscal work of the ministries. We are grateful that we benefit from your depth of experience gained over the past 25 years.
Kind regards,
Dan Bishop, Executive Director


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