Upright Ministries
Saturday, August 15, 2020


  • We believe in sharing information that will help other ministries grow.  Here are some listing links that you may find useful. You can find them by clicking on the Associations & Links page. 
  • If you are interested in reading some letters of recommendation from our many clients or colleagues, we have added these to the website as well for your convenience.  They can be found on the Letters of Recommendation page under Resources.
  • Other churches we have served are listed on the References page.  The list does not include every church, but gives you an idea of the type of work we do and provides some direct contact information if you would like to visit with them about their experience with Upright Ministries.
  • Our speaking engagements range from small committee or board settings to international conferences.  By clicking Speaking Topics Available in the menu, you will find a variety of choices that may benefit your ministry. 
  • The White Papers  section will provide you with various articles and tidbits that may be of special interest to you. Please feel free to download anything in this area of the website for your use.  We do ask that you contact us for permission to reproduce items from our site.
  • If you have attended a workshop offered by Upright Ministries, whether at your church or business or at a conference, we would be very interested in hearing what you thought about the presentation. Our online Workshop Evaluation form will allow you to provide feedback that will help guide the direction in what we present and how we present it.