Upright Ministries
Saturday, August 15, 2020

About Us

Upright Ministries is a national organization that exists to protect and enhance ministries by streamlining processes and safeguarding people.  Founded in 2002 out of a passion and desire to help reduce risks to ministry, more than 100 Churches, Schools, and Non-Profits have trusted Upright Ministries. 
Services that enhance and protect ministries through streamlining processes include:
  • developing financial polices
  • restructuring of Chart of Accounts that result in clear and accurate reporting
  • developing and implementing personnel policies and handbooks
  • developing new hire and termination procedures
  • personnel and financial management training 
Known for safeguarding people, Upright Ministries uses its expertise in developing, training, and facilitating methods for reducing the risk of child sexual abuse in America and other countries.  What makes our organization unique is that we train church employees and volunteers how to actually be risk managers themselves.  We do this by:
  • teaching principles behind abuse policies
  • training workers how to respond to allegations
  • training workers how to report according to state laws
  • training workers how to safeguard children and protect themselves without stopping or prohibiting ministry.
Patti Malott, Founder and president of Upright Ministries, speaks on numerous topics for several conferences, church staff and committee meetings, and schools each year.